Audio Visual Solutions Middle East

Al Shiraa and Al Falah are brings together industry experts to deliver innovative, reliable, and cost-effective audiovisual technology solutions in Middle East. We focus on delivering the latest solutions to make your business and home more intelligent and comfortable.
With a passion for creating solutions that will make your life simpler, we are committed to giving a whole new meaning to reliability, efficiency, and quality. Get in touch with us today if you are planning your next AV solution roll out.

  • Meeting Spaces
  • Interactive Solution
  • Tele Presence Environment
  • PA/BGMA public address system (PA system)
  • HD Broadcasting
  • Innovation


Our goal is to provide solutions to our clients that enhance their enjoyment of movies, music, sport and TV.
With a multi room music solutions from companies like Sonos combined with Dali’s world-class speakers we can offer music in every room that you are more than happy to listen to, no matter the room that you are in, bedroom, bathroom, garden or your main living room. Our focus is on quality audio and video, it should not matter which room you are in, you should be able to enjoy your media to the fullest where ever you want it.


Al Shiraa and Al Falah are provide solutions for offices and meeting rooms that enhance your ability to showcase your own work impress your clients and therefor increase revenue.

Our solutions aid companies to streamline their training facilities and therefore increase productivity.

Restaurants & Bars

The mood of any restaurant or bar is as important as the Food & Beverage and with the right lighting & sound we can create any mood that you desire all at the touch of a single button.

Video and audio distribution can be controlled and split into any number of different zones within a venue.

All the audio levels and displays can either work independently of each other or together as one, the choice is yours.
With the use of LED lighting we can give our clients the ability to change that mood of a venue for any given time of day or event.

The modern day venue needs to be flexible and with a solution from AVE you will be able to offer a multitude of options to corporate clients and private parties alike.


Your home away from home can have all the luxury of your villa with a system from Al Shiraa and Al Falah are dedicated for the high demands of life on the open sea.

Using IP rated marine grade speakers, pop-up televisions along with intelligent remote controls & automation we can add that truly five-star luxury feel to your ship or yacht.

We have built full scale night clubs on larger vessels complete with DJ booth and full disco lighting systems.

Consultancy & Design

Al Shiraa and Al Falah are provide consultancy and design services for all industries that require or are building anything related to Audio Visual systems into their projects.

We offer a future proof service for develops or clients that are building or have purchased a property so that they have the flexibility to install any automation / AV system once the project is complete.

We offer AV furniture design that is intelligently thought out with future trends and products in mind so that you can add or change any/all components and still enjoy your custom tailored furniture for years.