Heard of the cloud, everyone telling you that’s what you need? Well to keep it simple it’s a platform that uses the internet. In other words, a systems provided and managed for you by another company is public cloud services. Private cloud services are where you manage your own or rent systems/data in your own space (or we do on your behalf) that is not shared with anyone else. We provide all kind of Cloud solutions in Dubai – UAE.

There are many parts to “The Cloud”, some organisations systems are totally internet (cloud) based and others use aspects of the cloud to complement their in-house systems.

Private cloud or Public cloud?
Wave hill can assist you in finding the right solutions that can reduce costs, simplify management and security, improve services, improve user interaction and be flexible to grow with your business.

Cloud solutions in Dubai – UAE.

Replace your ailing IT infrastructure with a Hosted Desktop solution.

Small businesses owners, IT managers and key decision makers across the UAE are realising the advantages of moving away from a traditional computer network and leveraging the efficiency of the cloud. We provide all type of Cloud solutions in Dubai – UAE.

By applying a Hosted Online Desktop solution in the workplace, you can experience an immediate reduction in capital costs by saving money on annual procurement costing and ongoing maintenance. You will also improve your carbon footprint in Dubai.

Why Cloud backup?

What happens if there is a fire, flood or someone breaks in and steals your server and the backup device?

What is Cloud backup?

A copy of selected files (the backup) that is sent via the internet to our data storage facility (cloud).

How might you use this?

Select folders with critical accounts or sales data and set them to backup automatically every night.
Backup your complete servers and store offsite every night.
Real-time backup – should your systems become unavailable you can switch to work from our servers.

Peace of mind!

Be happy in the knowledge you can get access to your data quickly and continue to run your business

Cloud Infrastructure is a unique service to simplify supporting and managing your corporate network. Run your IT systems without worrying about Backup, User Administration, System Management and upgrades as these are all performed as part of the fully managed service.

All systems are replicated to the cloud and can be restored in case of disaster within 24 hours. This enables IT staff and other Employees to focus on “Using” the applications rather than worrying about if they will be working. Also save costs by having access to the Per User Per Month Microsoft pricing model normally available only to Enterprise customers.

Al Shiraa and Al Falah are provides a comprehensive network infrastructure as a service. An all-in-one solution for a growing business that includes the benefits of a high-level multi-server enterprise network at a fraction of the cost.

What is a Hosted Desktop?

A Hosted Virtual Desktop (or Online Desktop) completely replaces your existing IT infrastructure with a ‘cloud-based’ IT network. This network consists of a range of application servers, storage servers and management servers that collaborate to replace a traditional network environment, at a fraction of the cost.

  • The need for a local server infrastructure is no longer required because all business data is hosted in the cloud
  • All of your files, folders, applications and email accounts are accessed through a hosted ‘virtual’ desktop that overlaps your existing Windows desktop.  The user interface will be very familiar to users of any existing Windows computer
  • Desktop as a service can be accessed from any Windows machine that has internet access. You can also use local third part peripherals such as printers, scanners and digital cameras

Why move your business to the cloud solutions?

  • Unlimited telephone and remote support– a full-time service provided to all hosted virtual desktop customers
  • Reduce your annual IT costs by up to 50%– save thousands on recurring IT procurement and maintenance costs
  • Mitigated cost of ownership– fully scalable ‘per user’ price plan. No on-premise hardware and ongoing maintenance required
  • Reduced energy bills– move your servers to the cloud and reduce your annual electricity costs
  • Remote working– anywhere access. Work at YOUR desktop from any Windows computer 24/7
  • No initial investment required– a fully scalable ‘service-on-demand’ solution
  • No upgrade charges– all Microsoft applications upgraded to the latest version at no additional cost
  • Online backup– scheduled daily backup of all data to the cloud
  • The greener choice– decommission your server infrastructure and reduce your carbon footprint
  • 8% Uptime Guarantee
  • Per User Pricing Model
  • Enterprise Grade Service
  • No Upfront Purchases
  • Reduced Support Costs
  • Reduces need for on-site support
  • Centralised Security
  • Offsite Backup
  • Antivirus and Antispam
  • Blackberry, Activesync and Mobile devices
  • Full webmail
  • Self-Restore deleted files
  • Resources are purchased instead of hardware. RAM, Ghz, MBit and Storage are provided as a flexible, guaranteed and dedicated service independent of Hardware. It provides either a valuable addition to the network capabilities of a business, or it can provide a complete alternative to purchasing and upgrading local servers.

With proper planning huge savings can be made in preventing hardware from sitting idle.For example: Prior to an advertising campaign, resources can be doubled on a web server to ensure 100% availability under load. During the following months this can be scaled back to reduce costs.

  • 8% Uptime Guarantee
  • Simple Predictable Pricing
  • Fast Scalable Resources
  • Fully Dedicated Service
  • Highly Redundant System
  • Inclusive 24-hour Snapshot