Project Name         SmartPSS

Version                   V1.15.0

Base Platform         V1.14.1

Operation Platform   Microsoft Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10(32/64 bit)

What is new?

  1. New VDP module contains live view, talk, message publish, information inquiry, card issuing and VTS center.
  2. The new VDP module supports card issuing by manual or the card reader. And in the card issuing module, we can also export or import the user list file, config the user rights and edit the organization tree.
  3. The new VDP module supports information inquiry and export. The information contains alarm record, unlocking record and call record.
  4. New talk sub module supports area selection based on the organization tree, and you can view all the VTH by list or icons.
  5. New live view sub module supports shout, unlock and group management.
  6. The new VTS center sub module supports VTS management, and also supports bidirectional talk between the VTS and the client.
  7. New A&C module supports our new fingerprint acquisition devices.
  8. New A&C module Supports video link between access control event and NVR\HCVR.

What has been changed?

  1. New VDP module supports continuous room no. now.
  2. The design of access control has been improved, supporting the export of fingerprint information.





The version is only for English.

Project Name        SmartPSS
Version                   V1.14.2
Base Platform         V1.14.1
Operation Platform   Microsoft Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10(32/64 bit)

What is new?
1.Support intelligent unified program (NVR/IPC/SD), including intelligent alarm and configuration.
2.Support new fingerprint acquisition devices.

What has been changed?
1.The design of access control has been improved, supporting the export of fingerprint information.



Dahua Partner

DH Partner is an application designed for customers of Dahua Technology. Users could search all the products and solutions in Partner App and could log in on mobile devices and personal computer. By registering, users could scan and get points and redeem free gifts.

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DMSS is a cellphone application of Dahua CCTV, Video Intercom and Alarm product, it gives an abundant feature set and complete integration with professional products.  No matter you are on the internet or on a local network, you can enjoy the video preview, video playback, two-way talk, PTZ control, alarm push and multiple functions.



Easy4key is a Bluetooth based app for Dahua smart locks which allows you to unlock doors and manage users by mobile phone.
• Connect locks with Bluetooth and unlock door in certain distance, your mobile is your key.
• Edit user information including name, password.
• Check history unlock records.
• Share a temporary access pin code to your guest.


DSS Agile

DSS Agile App is a Mobile Client for DSS platform. It has user-friendly UI and offers plenty experience. You can use DSS Agile to watch live video, video playback, video call, face recognition and alarm push notifications anywhere and anytime.

Name Last Update Download
Milestone & Dahua Fisheye Dewarping Plugin
MD5: 8f19247ccb792e59350c001b6a0ba595
SHA256: cbd1d2c0a798f1edd8a5d3d94c6a0d38185f6ce5575a962404cbb1e50d2cc443
11/01/2018 Download
Project Name:SmartPSS
For more details view
21/10/2016 Download
Project Name:SmartPSS
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05/09/2016 Download
The Plugin for Paxton
MD5: 2f007035298286ad109b5d242d186f64
SHA256: 6917ad198b9765f1ab1d29e447aeba42050b435a3fcbc66bf067a1c903046a72
04/11/2020 Download
Mac plugin for NVR5000 series
MD5: 9de35545ccb156a30eb76d7b12502071
SHA256: bf09d6784890c8129c6572b0a231c9a996e13a9cd61c3df98496d557be9ec258
06/09/2015 Download
Mac plugin for NVR1000/NVR4000 series
MD5: 284a98ba72a87238c2f8ebea8ff92d99
SHA256: 1d0a5c835567b02ef493da0de3e0ab5d1f0a96dea88c91f5cb33a405bd1afdf8
06/09/2015 Download
Mac plugin for IPC
MD5: 144094ca4a7744a420b6f91928260ccc
SHA256: 69ea68d53aa75866a33d851b977e87ec2eb41d038f767ea5632b4aa9c1d02cc1
05/08/2015 Download
Mac plugin for DVR/HCVR
MD5: 75c47841d7c6b0b05856c56a26582dcc
SHA256: ea991662978c356bb5cdbfacc7d99eee65fd4d787e86d9be4767835d4747774e
10/06/2015 Download